Richard Allmendinger

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Conventional multi-objective Particle Swarm Optimization (PSO) algorithms aim to find a representative set of Pareto-optimal solutions from which the user may choose preferred solutions. For this purpose, most multi-objective PSO algorithms employ computationally expensive comparison procedures such as non-dominated sorting. The crucial task of choosing a(More)
This report documents the program and outcomes of the Dagstuhl Seminar 15031 Understanding Complexity in Multiobjective Optimization. This seminar carried on the series of four previous Dagstuhl Seminars (04461, 06501, 09041 and 12041) that were focused on Multiobjective Optimization, and strengthening the links between the Evolutionary Multiobjective(More)
The control of biochemical fluxes is distributed, and to perturb complex intracellular networks effectively it is often necessary to modulate several steps simultaneously. However, the number of possible permutations leads to a combinatorial explosion in the number of experiments that would have to be performed in a complete analysis. We used a(More)
Building on recent work by the authors, we consider the problem of performing multiobjective optimization when the objective functions of a problem have differing evaluation times (or latencies). This has general relevance to applications since objective functions do vary greatly in their latency, and there is no reason to expect equal latencies for the(More)
This work deals with a new class of optimization problems: problems in which solutions, despite being feasible, may be unavailable for evaluation from time to time (temporarily). Such problems may arise wherever resources are required in the evaluation of solutions, such as in experimental optimization and expensive computer simulations. Under certain(More)
Life-cycle assessment (LCA) is an environmental assessment tool that quantifies the environmental impact associated with a product or a process (e.g., water consumption, energy requirements, and solid waste generation). While LCA is a standard approach in many commercial industries, its application has not been exploited widely in the bioprocessing sector.(More)