Richard Allen Williams

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OBJECTIVES To review the current status of cardiovascular disease (CVD) in African American women compared to Caucasian women in regards to 4 categories of CVD: coronary artery disease (CAD), hypertension, stroke, and congestive heart failure (CHF), and to call attention to the need to place more emphasis on the need to increase awareness of CVD as the(More)
While African American physicians can play a key role in encouraging black patients who smoke to quit, little is known about the views and activities of these physicians with respect to antitobacco programming. In the process of developing a protocol for encouraging physicians' smoking cessation intervention, 96 African-American physicians completed a(More)
Coronary heart disease (CHD) is the second leading cause of death in the United States. Despite previous downward trends, which have not persisted, CHD mortality remains higher in African Americans than in Whites. Among African American and White adolescents and adults are trends of increased physical inactivity, smoking, and obesity. Approximately 47(More)
A 2003 report by the Institute of Medicine identified several areas of disparity in health care due to discrimination (whether unintentional or intentional), bias, and prejudice. Given that most minority patients are treated by physicians from the majority group, the principles of cultural competency are extremely important. A health care provider is(More)
Numerous studies have documented racial and economic disparities in the home mortgage market. Almost all of these have been done in large urban areas, many of which have long histories of racial conflict and discrimination. Further, little attention has been paid to institutional disparities, i.e. the ways in which mortgage lenders differ among themselves(More)
Across the historical range of longleaf pine (Pinus palustris Mill.), less than 10% of lands previously occupied by longleaf ecosystems are currently in public ownership (Johnson and Gjerstad 1999; Alavalapati et al., this volume). The remainder is owned by private entities ranging from the forest industry, to timberland investment organizations, to highly(More)
This study longitudinally compares the characteristics of loans made or bought by different institutions to see which types of lenders lead the mortgage finance industry in making credit available for lowand moderate-income families and which are merely following behind. Hypotheses are tested via a case study analysis of conventional home mortgage lending(More)
African Americans have higher rates of cardiovascular disease (CVD) than do Caucasians, which contributes significantly to their reduced life expectancy. Most African American adults have at least one major risk factor for CVD. Nonetheless, African Americans are often underdiagnosed and undertreated, despite presenting to the healthcare system late in their(More)