Richard Abrahamsson

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In this paper we derive a class of new parameter free robust adaptive beamformers using the generalized sidelobe canceler reparameterization of the Capon beamformer. In this parameterization the minimum variance beamformer is obtained as the solution of a linear least squares problem. In the case of an inaccurate steering vector and/or few data snapshots(More)
In this paper a number of covariance matrix estimators suggested in the literature are compared in terms of their performance in the context of array signal processing. More specifically they are applied in adaptive beamforming which is known to be sensitive to errors in the covariance matrix estimate and where often only a limited amount of data is(More)
In this paper, we propose a data-adaptive method for estimating the spatial spectrum for correlated and/or coherent sources. The method is reminiscent of the MVDR/Capon beamformer, but yields a multidimensional spatial response with a dimension for each examined source. The estimated directions of arrival (DOA) are given as the points of energy(More)
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