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Introduction to random signals and applied kalman filtering (3rd ed
Probability and Random Variables Mathematical Description of Random Signals Response of Linear Systems to Random Inputs Wiener Filtering The Discrete Kalman Filter Applications and Additional TopicsExpand
A late-accelerating universe with no dark energy—and a finite-temperature big bang
Brane-world models offer the possibility of explaining the late acceleration of the universe via infra-red modifications to general relativity, rather than a dark energy field. However, one alsoExpand
Generalized group presentation and formal deformations of CW complexes
A Peiffer-Whitehead word system W, or generalized group presentation, consists of generators, relators (words of order 2), and words of higher order n that represent elements of a free crossed moduleExpand
Brane world cosmology with Gauss-Bonnet and induced gravity terms
In this thesis we investigate certain cosmological brane world models of the Randall-Sundrum type. The models are motivated by string theory but we focus on the phenomenology of the cosmology. TwoExpand
Generating Quadratic Pseudo-Anosov Homeomorphisms of Closed Surfaces
In this note, we show that given a closed, orientable genus-g surface Sg, any hyperbolic toral automorphism has a positive power which induces a quadratic, orientable pseudo-Anosov homeomorphism onExpand
Brane universes with Gauss-Bonnet-induced-gravity
The DGP brane world model allows us to get the observed late time acceleration via modified gravity, without the need for a “dark energy” field. This can then be generalised by the inclusion of highExpand