Richard A van der Horst

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The role of different modulation frequencies in the speech envelope were studied by means of the manipulation of vowel-consonant-vowel (VCV) syllables. The envelope of the signal was extracted from the speech and the fine-structure was replaced by speech-shaped noise. The temporal envelopes in every critical band of the speech signal were notch filtered in(More)
The behavior of car drivers at two Dutch railroad grade crossings with automatic flashing warning lights was analyzed. Car drivers were videotaped while approaching either the red flashing lights or the white flashing "safe"-signal. Approach speeds, positions, and time intervals were semiautomatically measured from videos of more than 900 drivers: 660 while(More)
Naturalistic driving studies are increasingly applied in different shapes and sizes. The European project PROLOGUE has investigated the value and feasibility of a large-scale naturalistic driving study in Europe. Within PROLOGUE several pilot studies have been conducted in different countries. The Dutch field trial investigated the value and feasibility of(More)
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