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This paper describes a new algorithm for estimating the position and orientation of objects. The problem is formulated as an optimization problem using dual number quaternious. The advantage of using this representation is that the method solves for the location estimate by minimizing a single cost function associated with the sum of the orientation and(More)
Psychological studies on teamwork have shown that an effective team often can anticipate information needs of teammates based on a shared mental model. Existing multi-agent models for teamwork are limited in their ability to support proactive information exchange among teammates. To address this issue, we have developed and implemented a multi-agent(More)
Benchmarks are developed to measure the Ada notion of time, the Ada features believed important to real-time performance, and other time-related features that are not part of the language, but are part of the run-time system; these benchmarks are then applied to the language and run-time system, and the results evaluated.
This paper presents a pattern recognition approach to identifying contact formations from force sensor signals. The approach is sensor-based and does not use geometric models of the workpieces. The design of a fuzzy classiier is described, where membership functions are generated automatically from training data. The technique is demonstrated using(More)
MALLET, a multi-agent logic language for encoding teamwork, is intended to enable expression of teamwork emulating human teamwork, allowing experimentation with different levels and forms of inferred team intelligence. A consequence of this goal is that the actual teamwork behavior is determined by the level of intelligence built into the underlying system(More)
This dissertation presents a new approach to improve automated motion planners. Automatic motion planning has application in many areas such as robotics, virtual reality systems, and computer-aided design. Surprisingly, a single class of planners, called probabilistic roadmap methods (PRMs), have proven effective on problems from all these domains.(More)