Richard A. Valent

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NCAR's Bluefire supercomputer is instrumented with a set of low-overhead processes that continually monitor the floating-point counters of its 3,840 batch-compute cores. We extract performance numbers for each batch job by correlating the data from corresponding nodes. From experience and heuristics for good performance, we use this data, in part, to(More)
The NCAR-Wyoming Supercomputing Center (NWSC) will begin operating in June 2012, and will house NCAR's next generation HPC system. The NWSC will support a broad spectrum of Earth Science research drawn from a user community with diverse requirements for computing, storage, and data analysis resources. To ensure that the NWSC satisfies the needs of this(More)
Scientists and engineers using supercomputer clusters should be able to focus on their scientific and technical work instead of worrying about operating their user environment. However, creating a convenient and effective user environment on modern supercomputers becomes more and more challenging due to the complexity of these large-scale systems. In this(More)
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