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The detritivorous fish, gizzard shad (Dorosoma cepedianum), provides nutrients to phytoplankton in reservoirs by ingesting organic detritus associated with sediments and excreting substantial quantities of nutrients such as N and P in soluble forms that are highly available to phytoplankton, We estimated nutrient excretion by gizzard shad in a eutrophic(More)
Transcription and replication both influence and are influenced by superhelical changes in DNA. Explaining how supercoil movement is channeled in living chromosomes has been a major problem for 30 years. Transcription of membrane-associated proteins leads to localized hypersupercoiling of plasmid DNA, and this behavior indicates the presence of aberrant(More)
We have measured the microsecond rotational motions of myosin heads in contracting rabbit psoas muscle fibers by detecting the transient phosphorescence anisotropy of eosin-5-maleimide attached specifically to the myosin head. Experiments were performed on small bundles (10-20 fibers) of glycerinated rabbit psoas muscle fibers at 4 degrees C. The isometric(More)
Sexual dysfunction is highly prevalent in both sexes and adversely affects patients' quality of life and well being. Given the frequent association between sexual dysfunction and cardiovascular disease, in addition to the potential cardiac risk of sexual activity itself, a consensus panel was convened to develop recommendations for clinical management of(More)
Early studies that explored host-pathogen interactions assumed that infected individuals within a population have equal chances of transmitting the infection to others. Subsequently, in what became known as the 20/80 rule, a small percentage of individuals within any population was observed to control most transmission events. This empirical rule was shown(More)
In ligand binding studies, ligand depletion often limits the accuracy of the results obtained. This problem is approached by employing the simple observation that as the concentration of receptor in the assay is reduced, ligand depletion is also reduced. Measuring apparent K(D)'s of a ligand at multiple concentrations of receptor with extrapolation to(More)
Multidrug ATP binding cassette (ABC) exporters are ubiquitous ABC transporters that extrude cytotoxic molecules across cell membranes. Despite recent progress in structure determination of these transporters, the conformational motion that transduces the energy of ATP hydrolysis to the work of substrate translocation remains undefined. Here, we have(More)
We present a model of interaction of Gi protein with the activated receptor (R*) rhodopsin, which pinpoints energetic contributions to activation and reconciles the β2 adrenergic receptor-Gs crystal structure with new and previously published experimental data. In silico analysis demonstrated energetic changes when the Gα C-terminal helix (α5) interacts(More)
To evaluate the presence and clinical significance of electrical alternans during PTCA, intracoronary electrocardiography (ic-ECG) was performed in 65 consecutive lesions. ST-T alternans, defined as a beat-to-beat difference in the ST elevation > or = 1 mm, was present in five lesions (7.7%), all in the proximal left anterior descending (LAD) coronary(More)
There are many sources of error in the use of Goldmann-type applanation tonometers. In clinically normal corneas hypofluorescence of the precorneal tear film, accommodation, the Valsalva maneuver and vertical gaze are preventable causes of large tonometric errors. Repeated tonometry may induce a decline in the intraocular pressure (IOP). Variations in the(More)