Richard A. Spinello

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Strawberry fruits (Fragaria x ananassa Duch.) undergo a marked softening during their ripening, and the process is accompanied by a release of free sugars with galactose among them. In this work total beta-galactosidase activity was measured in cell wall proteins from strawberry fruits at different developmental stages. Three full-length cDNAs (Fa beta(More)
As the World Wide Web has grown in popularity, the propriety of linking to other web sites has achieved some prominence as an important moral and legal issue. Hyperlinks represent the essence of Web-based activity, since they facilitate navigation in a unique and efficient fashion. But the pervasive activity of linking has generated notable controversies.(More)
<i>Morgan:</i> Intellectual property issues that have arisen at Berkeley are not related specifically to copyrighting and licensing of computer software. Our impetus to begin this effort did not, in fact, come from the success of VisiCalc. It came in late '82 and '83, when there was a great deal of interest within the UC system about some of the(More)
What exactly is <i>Cyberethics</i>? How did the field develop? What are some of the central issues and themes in this field, and what methodologies are used by those working in this area of applied ethics? These and related questions are considered in the readings included in Chapter 1. It is perhaps important to note at the outset that the field that many(More)
The primary theme of this paper is the normative case against ownership of one's genetic information along with the source of that information (usually human tissues samples). The argument presented here against such "upstream" property rights is based primarily on utilitarian grounds. This issue has new salience thanks to the Human Genome Project and(More)
This paper reviews Facebook's controversial privacy policies as a basis for considering how social network sites can better protect the personal information of their users. We argue that Facebook's architecture leaves its users too exposed, especially to online surveillance. This architecture must be modified and Facebook must be more proactive in(More)
AbstrAct This chapter presents some foundational concepts and issues in intellectual property. We begin by defining intellectual objects, which we contrast with physical objects or tangible goods. We then turn to some of the normative justifications that have been advanced to defend the granting of property rights in general, and we ask whether those(More)
Internet Governance While the World Wide Web and the Internet have created many opportunities for data sharing and electronic commerce , they have also posed some formidable problems for lawmakers of national governments. The Internet has traditionally been decentralized and self-governing, and it has so far evaded strict or systemic regulations. However,(More)