Richard A. Rothery

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Proinflammatory cytokines depress myocardial contractile function by enhancing the expression of inducible NO synthase (iNOS), yet the mechanism of iNOS-mediated myocardial injury is not clear. As the reaction of NO with superoxide to form peroxynitrite markedly enhances the toxicity of NO, we hypothesized that peroxynitrite itself is responsible for(More)
In this review, we test the hypothesis that pyranopterin coordination plays a critical role in defining substrate reactivities in the four families of mononuclear molybdenum and tungsten enzymes (Mo/W-enzymes). Enzyme families containing a single pyranopterin dithiolene chelate have been demonstrated to have reactivity towards two (sulfite oxidase,(More)
The role of the heme b in Escherichia coli succinate dehydrogenase is highly ambiguous and its role in catalysis is questionable. To examine whether heme reduction is an essential step of the catalytic mechanism, we generated a series of site-directed mutations around the heme binding pocket, creating a library of variants with a stepwise decrease in the(More)
Integral membrane proteins usually have a predominantly alpha-helical secondary structure in which transmembrane segments are connected by membrane-extrinsic loops. Although a number of membrane protein structures have been reported in recent years, in most cases transmembrane topologies are initially predicted using a variety of theoretical techniques,(More)
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