Richard A. Niesenbaum

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The influence of pollen competitive environment on pollen performance (pollen germination, stigmatic penetration, and pollen tube growth rate), the maturation or abortion of initiated fruit, seed size, and seedling vigor was explored by manipulating the size and diversity of stigmatic pollen loads on Mirabilis jalapa. All aspects of pollen performance(More)
BACKGROUND While past studies have investigated uses of and attitudes toward herbal medicines by different ethnic groups, none have assessed how people may define them. OBJECTIVE To determine definitions of and attitudes toward herbal medicines in different ethnic groups. METHODS Surveys were distributed to 300 people of different professions and ethnic(More)
Theoretically, induced defenses should be prevalent within low resource environments like the forest understory where constitutive defenses would be costly. Also, the induced response should be stronger when the herbivore is a generalist rather than a specialist, which often have mechanisms to avoid or overcome plant defenses. These ideas have been(More)
Differences in selection patterns among habitats can alter the distribution of genetic diversity even when this is estimated with neutral markers. For plants, light is an essential resource that can influence both abiotic and biotic components of habitat. We examined genetic differentiation between sun and shade habitats in Lindera benzoin L. (Spicebush), a(More)
Plants display photosynthetic plasticity in response to variation in light environment, and the extent of this plasticity often varies with genotype, i.e., genotype x environment interaction. Herbivory may also covary with light environment as a result of light-induced changes in photosynthetic traits. For example, greater levels of photoprotective phenolic(More)
 We examined the influence of pollen competitive environment on pollen performance in Mirabilis jalapa. We used the number of pollen grains and the number of pollen tubes per pistil as measures of pollen competition. Pollen germination, pollen tube penetration into the style, and pollen tube growth rates were used as measures of pollen performance. All(More)
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