Richard A Molteni

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A prospective, blinded study of neonates orally intubated with either standard or "soft" endotracheal tubes included 57 infants in the standard "hard" tube group and 46 infants in the soft tube group. Infants were further divided by birth weights above and below 1,000 g. Palatal grooves were seen to develop regularly after seven days in infants weighing(More)
Two thousand consecutive deliveries occurring over an 11-month period were studied for fetal and placental (F/P) weight characteristics. Infant and placental weight pairs were analyzed according to their gestational ages and growth categories (AGA, SGA, LGA). Graphs were constructed to depict normal placental weight gain and F/P ratio changes over a wide(More)
Developmental effects on the response of cerebral blood flow (Qc) and cerebral O2 consumption (CMRO2) to changes in CO2 tension were assessed in unanesthetized fetal, newborn, and adult sheep. Blood flow was measured using the radioactive microsphere technique. CMRO2 was calculated as the product of Qc and the difference in O2 content between arterial and(More)
Cholelithiasis has been reported to occur rarely in infants. To determine the incidence of cholelithiasis in infants receiving furosemide, we prospectively performed ultrasonograms on 86 patients. We studied 42 patients receiving furosemide (subjects) and 44 patients not receiving furosemide (controls). There was a significantly higher incidence of(More)
Infusion of exogenous insulin (54 +/- 19 mU/kg/hr) to seven fetal lambs caused hyperinsulinism and arterial hypoxemia but not hypoglycemia. We measured the relationship between fetal oxygen delivery and oxygen use for a better understanding of the cause of the observed hypoxemia. Oxygen delivered to the fetus is the product of fetal umbilical venous oxygen(More)
OBJECTIVE This survey estimated the frequency of use and adverse events associated with cisapride treatment of premature newborns in intensive care units. It was initiated in response to a warning issued in Canada cautioning against cisapride treatment of premature infants of <36 weeks' gestation and <3 months of age. METHODOLOGY Surveys were mailed to(More)
We studied the relationship between cerebral oxygen consumption and cerebral oxygen delivery (cerebral blood flow x arterial oxygen content) in fetal, newborn, and adult sheep, Relative to the amount of oxygen consumed, cerebral oxygen delivery in the fetus exceeds that in the lamb and adult by 70 percent. This may represent a protective advantage for the(More)