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This paper analyzes the power-cycling capability of insulated-gate bipolar transistor (IGBT) modules in a conventional matrix converter used as a motor drive. The analysis is made under various conditions for this topology, including low-speed-operation capability, high-speed thermal- and power-cycling capabilities, etc. It was found that the power-cycling(More)
The impact of common-mode voltage (CMV) generated by pulsewidth modulation (PWM) ac drives on motor bearings is well known. Several algorithms for CMV reduction have been proposed in the literature. While a few algorithms assume ideal switching and fall apart when nonidealities like inverter dead time are considered, some others are effective only in a(More)
The loading of free wheel diodes (FWD) and IGBTs in the power modules of a Voltage Source Converter (VSC) are investigated. In converter duty, the FWD is utilized more then the IGBT. Presently, most FWD’s in power modules are optimized for inverter duty. This practice tends to undersize the FWD from a converter viewpoint. This design philosophy is examined(More)
This paper analyzes the power cycling capability of semiconductor under various conditions for adjustable speed drive (ASD). An analysis is made that calculates the mean time to failure (MTTF) of the semiconductor under various conditions, including low speed operation capability, high speed thermal capability and overload capability. After that, the MTTF(More)
The long-term reliability of the thermal interface material (TIM) between an IGBT and heat sink is a critical aspect of motor drive design and customer satisfaction. Studies in the literature have focused on TIM characterization using idealized flat surfaces that are not representative of the wavy mounting surface found on IGBT base plates. In the authors'(More)
With the conventional space vector pulsewidth modulation (SVPWM) scheme, ac drives generate high-peak common-mode currents (CMCs), particularly at a very low modulation index. This occurs because of the low dwell times on the active voltage vectors, resulting in nearly simultaneous switching on all three phases. High-peak CMCs present several(More)
Electric Machines Committee (EMC) First Prize: “Mitigation of Bearing Electro-rosion of Inverter-fed Motors through Passive Common Mode Voltage Suppression” by D. Hyypio, Second Prize: “Torque Ripple Improvement for Synchronous Reluctance Motor using Asymmetric Flux Barrier Arrangement” by M. Sanada, K. Hiramoto, S. Morimoto, and Y. Takeda Third Prize:(More)
Adjustable-speed drives with regenerative pulsewidth modulation rectifiers-both voltage source rectifiers and current source rectifiers-have LC filters on their input to attenuate the high-frequency components of current and achieve reduced levels of total harmonic distortion. The capacitors used in these filters are predominantly of the metalized film(More)
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