Richard A. Johnson

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Object-oriented systems development (OOSD) is a recent innovation in software development that is often cited as a viable solution to many of the ills plaguing this critical industry. However, some express doubt about the potentially over-hyped claims of OOSD. While there are many accounts of the successful application of OOSD, widespread acceptance has not(More)
The goal of the present research is to demonstrate, and then alleviate, the role of thought suppression in depressing women's math performance under stereotype threat. We hypothesize that when taking a math test, women (but not men) attempt to suppress thoughts of the math-related gender stereotype. Suppression leads to underperformance when it uses up(More)
The Alexandria Digital Earth Prototype (ADEPT) Project (1999--2004) builds upon the Alexandria Digital Library Project (1994--1999) to add functions and services for undergraduate teaching to a digital library of geospatial resources. The 'Digital Learning Environment' (DLE) services are being developed and evaluated iteratively over the course of this(More)
A semantic relatedness decision task was used to investigate whether phonological recording occurs automatically and whether it mediates lexical access in visual word recognition and reading. In this task, subjects read a pair of words and decided whether they were related or unrelated in meaning. In Experiment 1, unrelated word-homophone pairs (e.g.,(More)
Orthodontic records-study models, panoramic and cephalometric radiographs, and the patient's facial and intraoral photographs-are used to collect data to establish a diagnosis and to develop problem-solution lists. These records, however, can be damaged or lost when dispensed to students and need to be stored and maintained every year. An orthodontic(More)