Richard A. Guinee

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In this paper, a modified double scroll chaotic attractor circuit, which is employed as a true random binary number generator (TRBNG), is presented for use as a key source in cryptographic applications. The double scroll attractor is modelled on Chua's circuit for nonlinear operation leading to chaotic behaviour. Previous reported versions of this circuit(More)
— In this paper a novel pulse sequence testing methodology is presented [22] as an alternative to Time Domain Reflec-tometry (TDR) for transmission line health condition monitoring, faultfinding and location. This scheme uses Pseudo Random Binary Sequence (PRBS) injection for transmission line testing and fault location with cross correlation (CCR)(More)
In this paper the topology of a novel double scroll chaotic attractor circuit used for true random binary sequence (TRBG) generation is detailed. The novel cascade design of a chaotic oscillator with a pseudorandom binary sequence generator (PRBSG), used for key stream whitening, is described for encryption applications. The advantages of the employed PRBSG(More)
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