Richard A. Guedj

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The workshop took place on Alc&#225;cer do Sal, Portugal from May 22<sup>nd</sup> to May 25<sup>th</sup>, 2001 with the purpose to discuss approaches to universal usability for the elderly constituency. Elderly citizens are a growing age group within developed countries and their needs have been mostly ignored by Information Technology and Computing as a(More)
In this paper we explore the issue of a systematic and seamless way to link future innovations in Information Technology and segments of the population that might -for different reasons of deficiencies - be left aside from advanced services coming with those innovations.The approach is to try to transpose and extend the current concepts of universal access(More)
Beginning with Sketchpad and continuing to Macintosh and beyond, designers and users of interactive graphics systems and applications have refined the nature of the working graphical, interface between a person and a computer. The panel will trace the changing uses of graphical symbols and icons; address the evolution of concurrency in windows, menus and(More)
The lack of a self-evident conceptual framework, together with the paradoxical situation of having to design an information system for a community of users whose needs and abilities are mostly unknown, forces us to look for preliminary steps towards a framework. Those steps include looking for regularities in specific situations of human consumable data(More)
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