Richard A Griggs

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In four experiments with 760 subjects, the present study examined Cosmides' Darwinian algorithm theory of reasoning: specifically, its explanation of facilitation on the Wason selection task. The first experiment replicated Cosmides' finding of facilitation for social contract versions of the selection task, using both her multiple-problem format and a(More)
The effects of type of recognition test procedure were studied in a Bransford and Franks (1971) integration paradigm. Subjects received a two-alternative forced-choice recognition test or a modified "forced-choice" test in which all the sentences for each idea set were presented at once and the "old" sentences had to be identified. Contrary to the usual(More)
The consequences of chronic methylphenidate (MPH) administration in adolescents for the treatment of attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) remain to be fully understood. Studies in rats indicate that the pharmacokinetics of psychostimulant administration can powerfully influence the behavioral and neural consequences of chronic treatment. The(More)
Routine echocardiographic examinations were performed on 53 individuals with muscular dystrophy (29 with myotonic muscular dystrophy [MMD] and 24 with Duchenne's dystrophy [DD]). Five of 29 (17%) with MMD and six of 24 (25%) with DD had typical mitral valve prolapse evidenced by echocardiography. All patients with DD and mitral valve prolapse had severe(More)
Using the analogical transfer paradigm, the present study investigated the competing explanations of Girotto and Legrenzi (Psychological Research 51: 129-135, 1993) and Griggs, Platt, Newstead, and Jackson (Thinking and Reasoning 4: 1-14, 1998) for facilitation on the SARS version of the THOG problem, a hypothetico-deductive reasoning task. Girotto and(More)
The influences of surface and structural similarity on analogical transfer were examined with 318 undergraduate participants in four experiments using Needham and Amado's (1995) Pythagoras THOG problem as the source problem and Wason's standard abstract THOG task as the target problem. In Experiments 1-3, systematic changes in surface similarity between the(More)
The present study was concerned with Wason's THOG problem, a hypothetico-deductive reasoning task for which performance over the past 20 years has typically been very poor (< 20% correct). We examined the hypothesis that incorporating a quasi-visual context into the problem statement would make both the binary, symmetric tree structure and solution(More)
When is a conclusion worth deriving? A relevance-based analysis of indeterminate relational problems. HAL is a multidisciplinary open access archive for the deposit and dissemination of scientific research documents, whether they are published or not. The documents may come from teaching and research institutions in France or abroad, or from public or(More)