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AIMS To evaluate current research on the health, safety and health promotion needs of older workers by identifying age-related change, whether older workers need support and evidence of successful intervention in the workplace. METHODS Using a systematic review methodology, databases were searched identifying 180 publications. Each publication was(More)
OBJECTIVE To review critically the scientific literature on multiple chemical sensitivity (MCS). Definitions of MCS vary but, for this review, a broad definition of MCS was adopted as symptoms in more than one organ system elicited by various unrelated chemicals at very low levels of exposure. METHODS A systematic literature search identified several(More)
BACKGROUND Upper limb pain is common among working-aged adults and a frequent cause of absenteeism. AIMS To systematically review the evidence for workplace interventions in four common upper limb disorders. METHODS Systematic review of English articles using Medline, Embase, Cinahl, AMED, Physiotherapy Evidence Database PEDro (carpal tunnel syndrome(More)
A study was made of physiological responses of autistic children to variations in environmental load in order to examine the under- versus over-arousal dichotomy. More specifically, measures of urinary mucoprotein excretion and mean heart rate and three measures of heart rate variability were compared with matched controls in conditions of normal, high, and(More)
BACKGROUND Carpet weaving operations usualy involve poor working conditions that can lead to the development of musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs). This study investigated MSDs among car¬pet weavers in relation to working conditions from workers' view in Tabriz City, Northwest Iran. METHODS This cross-sectional and descriptive study was conducted in city of(More)
About a quarter of 3-day plus accidents are associated with the manual handling of loads and about a half of these result in low back pain. In response to this major cause of injury, sickness absence and pain, legislation is currently being prepared which will require employers to assess manual handling tasks and to reduce the amount of such handling(More)
This report reviews existing information on baseline levels of ill health in agriculture. Information on ill health in the industry was identified using a wide ranging search strategy, including searches of online bibliographical databases, web search engines and reports from expert committees and researchers in the area of agriculture and health. Papers(More)
This report presents an overview of evidence on RPE and user behaviour drawn from a number of sources, including published material; IOM reports; and the expertise and experience of IOM staff. It provides an evidence-base for factors influencing the use (or non-use) of RPE in the workplace and on how well RPE programmes are currently implemented. Although(More)
This paper summarizes the results of a series of experiments established to examine the effects of the composition and pattern of physical workload on human heat tolerance and to compare the predictive abilities of a selection of prominent heat stress indices. The experiments were carried out in a climatically controlled chamber and involved mixtures of(More)
Although personal respiratory protection is widely recognized as having a lower priority than reduction of any risk at source, respiratory protective equipment (RPE) is a major part of risk management for many employers. We have identified the key elements of what constitutes an effective risk control programme involving RPE, through a 3-fold approach(More)