Richard A Graveling

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AIMS To evaluate current research on the health, safety and health promotion needs of older workers by identifying age-related change, whether older workers need support and evidence of successful intervention in the workplace. METHODS Using a systematic review methodology, databases were searched identifying 180 publications. Each publication was(More)
This report reviews existing information on baseline levels of ill health in agriculture. Information on ill health in the industry was identified using a wide ranging search strategy, including searches of online bibliographical databases, web search engines and reports from expert committees and researchers in the area of agriculture and health. Papers(More)
Although personal respiratory protection is widely recognized as having a lower priority than reduction of any risk at source, respiratory protective equipment (RPE) is a major part of risk management for many employers. We have identified the key elements of what constitutes an effective risk control programme involving RPE, through a 3-fold approach(More)
This report presents an overview of evidence on RPE and user behaviour drawn from a number of sources, including published material; IOM reports; and the expertise and experience of IOM staff. It provides an evidence-base for factors influencing the use (or non-use) of RPE in the workplace and on how well RPE programmes are currently implemented. Although(More)
BACKGROUND Previous studies reported that, in non-degenerate discs, the nucleus pulposus migrates posteriorly during flexion and anteriorly during extension within the intervertebral disc. However, in these studies the differences between anterior and posterior distances have been regarded as an indicator of nucleus pulposus migration. This study(More)
The handling of mining supplies still involves manual lifting and carrying, some of which is, of necessity, carried out in restricted headroom conditions. Laboratory studies previously reported in the literature have shown that a reduction in ceiling height led to a progressive increase in truncal stress as measured by intra-abdominal pressure (IAP).(More)
A study was made of physiological responses of autistic children to variations in environmental load in order to examine the under- versus over-arousal dichotomy. More specifically, measures of urinary mucoprotein excretion and mean heart rate and three measures of heart rate variability were compared with matched controls in conditions of normal, high, and(More)
BACKGROUND Rates of myocardial infarction in firefighters are increased during fire suppression duties, and are likely to reflect a combination of factors including extreme physical exertion and heat exposure. We assessed the effects of simulated fire suppression on measures of cardiovascular health in healthy firefighters. METHODS In an open-label(More)
Opportunities to evaluate spinal loading in vivo are limited and a large majority of studies on the mechanical functions of the spine have been in vitro cadaveric studies and/or models based on many assumptions that are difficult to validate. The purpose of this study was to investigate the feasibility of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) in obtaining(More)