Richard A. Floyd

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To determine whether oxidative stress after cerebral ischemia-reperfusion affects genetic stability in the brain, we studied mutagenesis after forebrain ischemia-reperfusion in Big Blue transgenic mice (male C57BL/6 strain) containing a reporter lacI gene, which allows detection of mutation frequency. The frequency of mutation in this reporter lacI gene(More)
The types of reactive intermediates generated upon reduction of chromium(VI) by glutathione or hydrogen peroxide and the resulting DNA damage have been determined. In vitro, reaction of chromium(VI) with glutathione led to formation of two chromium(V) complexes and the glutathione thiyl radical. When chromium(VI) was reacted with DNA in the presence of(More)
The hypotheses of a visual basis to reading disabilities in some children have centered around deficits in the visual processes displaying more transient responses to stimuli although hyperactivity in the visual processes displaying sustained responses to stimuli has also been proposed as a mechanism. In addition, there is clear evidence that colored lenses(More)
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