Richard A. Feinauer

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This reports on an investigation focused on a transform mechanism for a natural language database query system being undertaken at the University of Cincinnati. The mechanism studies the questions involved in a natural language interface between the human environment and the database query languages used to access machine stored data. A major product of the(More)
A natural language interface is directed toward the database query languages that access machine stored data. A pattern driven transformation mechanism supports natural language access. A natural language is mapped onto a more formal computer database language. A human-like "understanding" of the query statement is not required. The transformation mechanism(More)
The rapid decrease in the cost of computer storage has made the cost of storing on-line information progressively cheaper. Database management systems (DBMS) have been developed to increase the ease and effectiveness of information storage and retrieval. These DBMS usually use semi-formal language statements to store and retrieve information. The untrained(More)
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