Richard A Cook

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OBJECTIVE Determine 1) if consumption of a meal of different fruits or berries increases plasma hydrophilic (H-) or lipophilic (L-) antioxidant capacity (AOC) measured as Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity (ORAC(FL)); 2) if including macronutrients in the meal alters postprandial changes in AOC; and 3) if preliminary recommendations can be developed for(More)
General protease and collagenase IV activity are involved in the remodelling of the vascular basement membrane that occurs during tumor-induced angiogenesis. This study has assessed the level of these enzymes in tumor, peritumoral or contralateral cerebral cortex tissue during the growth of C6 astrocytoma in the rat spheroid implantation model. General(More)
Atrophy in a denervated muscle results from the disuse caused by paralysis of the muscle, and from the loss of special nerve-derived trophic substances. Crude preparations of protein from rat or sheep sciatic nerves have been shown to prevent the nondisuse atrophy of the rat's extensor digitorum longus muscle when injected into the denervated muscle daily(More)
Tumor growth is dependent on the ability of neoplastic cells to induce angiogenesis. Blood-vessel remodeling requires the reconstruction of the nonfibrous proteins and type IV collagen components of the basement membrane. This study has assessed the influence of the growth of C6 astrocytoma cells in the rat spheroid implantation model on serum general(More)
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