Richard A. Cairncross

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Many practically relevant polymers undergoing desorption change from the rubbery (saturated) to the glassy (nearly dry) state. The dynamics of such systems cannot be described by the simple Fickian diffusion equation due to viscoelastic effects. The mathematical model solved numerically is a set of two coupled PDEs for concentration and stress. Asymptotic(More)
D. thesis committee and their time, constructive criticism and valuable feedback. I heartily thank Mr. Jay Bahtt for his valuable help on electronic resources and all graduate students who made my life more enjoyable. My eternal gratitude goes to Mr. Reza Rahnama, my parents, brother, Mr. Ali Reza Rahnama and Mr. Vahid Rahnama for their continued love and(More)
A three-dimensional model of particle impact and deformation on rough surfaces has been developed for HVOF sprayed polymer particles. Fluid flow and particle deformation was predicted by the Volume of Fluid (VoF) method using Flow-3D ® software. The effect of roughness on the mechanics of splatting and final splat shapes was explored through the use of(More)
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