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The properties of endodontic glass ionomer sealers are summarized and compared to properties of Grossman's ideal sealer and a typical ZOE sealer. A review of the literature regarding glass ionomer and other endodontic sealers also is included. Endodontic glass ionomer sealer appears to be an alternative to conventional ZOE sealers in canals that are(More)
A retrospective study was performed on all cases of malaria recorded in the Federal Republic of Germany between 1963 and 1988. The questionnaires evaluated by the Federal Bureau of Public Health showed a total of 8049 cases, of which 3991 concerned malaria tropica, and 173 deaths. During this 26-year period, 90% of the patients suffering from malaria(More)
The new Health Care Structural Law (GSG) brings about changes in e.g. medical care in hospitals, the consequences of which are of utmost significance. New forms of payment challenge hospitals to take into account in the hospital management the various forms of payment, to define new programmes of hospital performance and the realise competitive aspects(More)
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17a of the German hospital financing law constitutes the basis for the evaluation of not justified hospital admission. It demands not to admit patients into hospital who do not need inpatient treatment or, treat them in an inpatient-setting longer than medical required. Unjustified inpatient treatment results from faulty decision with regard to admission,(More)
The structural Health Care Law (GSG) of the Federal Republic of Germany provides in section 275a, Volume V of the Social Legislation Code (SGB), for a model project to assess the necessity of hospital admittances. To facilitate a comparison on a national level it is intended that in each Federal state one hospital from each of the different levels of(More)
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