Richa Talwar

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OBJECTIVE To study the prevalence of health disorders among computer professionals and its association with working environment conditions. STUDY DESIGN Cross sectional. MATERIALS AND METHODS A sample size of 200 computer professionals, from Delhi and NCR which included software developers, call centre workers, and data entry workers. RESULT The(More)
Background and Objectives. Genital ulcer diseases represent a diagnostic dilemma, especially in India, where few STI clinics have access to reliable laboratory facility. The changing STI trends require that a correct diagnosis be made in order to institute appropriate treatment and formulate control policies. The objective of this study was to determine(More)
BACKGROUND Many doctors are dissatisfied with their jobs, which is due to long working hours and overwork. This can affect patient care and reduce quality of care. OBJECTIVES To study job satisfaction among doctors in a tertiary hospital in Delhi and the various factors related with it. MATERIALS AND METHODS Data collection was done among 250 doctors on(More)
Nutritional status of 1661 children aged 6 months to 2 years who attended the Well Baby Clinic of UHC Gokulpuri, Delhi during the year 2000 was studied. 60.7% of them were malnourished. Undesirable practices of discarding the colostrum, not exclusively breast feeding the child till at least 4 months of age, delayed weaning, dilution of top milk, use of(More)
Background. Malaria still remains a public health problem in developing countries and changing environmental and climatic factors pose the biggest challenge in fighting against the scourge of malaria. Therefore, the study was designed to forecast malaria cases using climatic factors as predictors in Delhi, India. Methods. The total number of monthly cases(More)
Modified BG Prasad socioeconomic scale is widely used to determine the socioeconomic status of study subjects in health studies in India. It is an income-based scale and, therefore, has to be constantly updated to take inflation and depreciation of rupee into account. The Consumer Price Index (CPI) for industrial workers (IW) is used to calculate updated(More)
Background. Tobacco use is one of the major preventable causes of premature death and disease in the world. Many psychosocial factors were found to influence tobacco use. Therefore the present study was designed to determine the role of psychosocial factors associated with tobacco use among school going adolescents in Delhi, India. Methods. Cross-sectional(More)
BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES Sexually experienced, unmarried adolescent women, usually commence sex, with marriage in mind. Initially, they resist sex but are unsuccessful due to lack of resilience to end an oppressive relationship, or convince their partners to postpone sex or use protection. To retain partners, they accept unprotected sex and suffer its(More)
Background. Obtaining baseline data about current patterns of work is important for assessing the effects of interventions designed to improve care delivery. Time and motion studies allow for the most accurate measurement of structured components. Therefore, the present study was conducted to study the operational efficiency of an immunization clinic in(More)
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