Richa Sharma

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Genetics of control mechanisms that underlies sex differentiation in date palm is not known. Sex of the plants becomes known only at the time of first flowering, which takes around 5 years. In comparison, molecular diagnosis (if available/feasible) promises quick and reliable identification of sex types very early when plantlets are growing in seedbeds. To(More)
The cellular uptake and expulsion rates of length-fractionated single-walled carbon nanotubes (SWNT) from 130 to 660 nm in NIH-3T3 cells were measured via single particle tracking of their intrinsic photoluminescence. We develop a quantitative model to correlate endocytosis rate with nanoparticle geometry that accurately describes this data set and also(More)
OBJECT There are a variety of treatment options for the management of vestibular schwannomas (VSs), including microsurgical resection, radiotherapy, and observation. Although the choice of treatment is dependent on various patient factors, physician bias has been shown to significantly affect treatment choice for VS. In this study the authors describe the(More)
Diabetes disease prediction is a progressive area of research in the healthcare Sector. Although many data mining techniques have been employed to assess the main causes of diabetes, but only few sets of clinical risk factors are considered. Due to this, some important factors like pre-diabetes health conditions are not considered in their analysis. So the(More)
Cerebellar glioblastoma multiforme (GBM) occurs rarely in adults, accounting for 0.4-3.4% of all GBM. Current studies have all involved small patient numbers, limiting the clear identification of prognostic factors. Additionally, while few studies have compared cerebellar GBM to their supratentorial counterparts, there is conflicting data regarding their(More)
The demand for petroleum and petroleum products is increasing day by day, while oil spills and improper discharge of industrial wastes contributes to the rising contamination of the environment with petroleum hydrocarbon. Petroleum hydrocarbon spills cause various carcinogenic and neurotoxic effects, and thus effective treatment strategies are required. The(More)
Keratinases are special proteases which attack the highly recalcitrant keratin substrates. They stand apart from the conventional proteases due to their broad substrate specificity towards a variety of insoluble keratin rich substrates like feather, wool, nail, hair. Owing to this ability, keratinases find immense applications in various environmental and(More)
A two-link robotic manipulator is a Multi-Input Multi-Output (MIMO), highly nonlinear and coupled system. Therefore, designing an efficient controller for this system is a challenging task for the control engineers. In this paper, the Fractional Order Fuzzy Proportional-Integral-Derivative (FOFPID) controller for a two-link planar rigid robotic manipulator(More)
Natural Language is the general norm for representing requirements in industry. Such representation of requirements cannot be subjected to automated reasoning and is, often, ambiguous and inconsistent. Structuring the natural language requirements can significantly improve reasoning the requirements as well as reusing them in related future projects. We(More)