Richa N. K. Sharma

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VANET has grasp the attention of various researchers in this field due to its wide range of applications in different fields i.e comfort, safety and entertainment. It is very expensive to test every network protocol or any network algorithm in real network by connecting a number of routers, computers and data links. Thus, in this paper QOS parameters like(More)
It came to the light of the world that last few years have brought a boom in the wireless communication. Continuous progresses in this field have opened new research field in computer networking aimed at enhancing data network connectivity to environment where the wired networks are not that practical. Due to importance of related applications vehicular(More)
Association rule mining, one of the most important and well researched techniques of data mining, was first introduced in. It aims to extract interesting correlations, frequent patterns, associations or casual structures among sets of items in the transaction databases or other data repositories. However, no method has been shown to be able to handle data(More)
WSNs have become major area of research in computational theory due to its wide range of applications. But due to limited battery power the energy consumption has become major limitations of WSNs protocols. Though many protocols have been proposed so far to improve the energy efficiency further but still much enhancement can be done. In order to overcome(More)
Digital preservation is a technique used to store error free digital data for long term. While we are still able to read our written heritage from several years ago but digital information created merely a decade ago is in serious danger of being lost creating digital dark age. By a series of open source software by National Archieve of Australia this paper(More)
In data communication, information security plays an important role. Encryption algorithms play a vital role in information security system. These algorithms consume a significant amount of computing resources such as CPU time, memory and battery power and computation time. This paper performs comparative analysis of two algorithm; RSA and transposition(More)