Richa Mehta

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The prime objective of this research work is to identify a pattern of clustering and extend to improve the use of Web Data Mining. This extension helps to sensitize Knowledge Discovery and Business Improvement Intelligence. The motivation is to analyze user access patterns and improve the access privileges of the users. These improved access privileges(More)
BACKGROUND Chloronitrophenols (CNPs) are widely used in the synthesis of dyes, drugs and pesticides, and constitute a major group of environmental pollutants. 4-Chloro-2-nitrophenol (4C2NP) is an isomer of CNPs that has been detected in various industrial effluents. A number of physicochemical methods have been used for treatment of wastewater containing(More)
AIMS AND OBJECTIVES To determine the time dependent accuracy of casts made from three different irreversible hydrocolloids. MATERIALS AND METHODS The effect of delayed pouring on the accuracy of three different irreversible hydrocolloid impression materials - Regular set CA 37(Cavex, The Netherlands), regular set chromatic (Jeltrate, Dentsply), and fast(More)
Biological fixation between the dental implant surfaces and jaw bones should be considered a prerequisite for the long-term success of implant-supported prostheses. The implant surface modifications gained an important and decisive place in implant research over the last years. Nowadays, a large number of implant types with a great variety of surface(More)
Fabrication of implant supported prosthesis requires precise transfer of the intraoral structures and the implant components to the plaster model. With the increase in the number of implant systems, impression making procedures also increased depending on each system. This article summarizes and describes the procedures and factors that affect adequate(More)
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