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CONTEXT The choice of irrigating solution used in root canals of primary teeth is complicated by their complex morphology and paucity of associated literature. Propolis is a natural product that has gained interest in this context due to its antibacterial effectiveness against several endodontic pathogens. AIM The present study was undertaken to assess(More)
CONTEXT An accurate diagnosis of occlusal surface of permanent posterior teeth for the presence of caries is a challenge to the clinician, when using traditional explorer. This dilemma of hidden caries has led to invasively opening of the fissure before sealant placement. Enameloplasty is one such invasive procedure that has been implicated in the(More)
In group (a) the coronal part of the tooth, about 2mm in height was cut from the remaining tooth structure with the help of a water cooled blade (Microdont). After sectioning, the specimens were immediately preoared for SEM examination as follows The obtained specimens were cleaned in an ultrasonic vibrator (Bransonic 221) for 5 minutes. All specimens were(More)
PURPOSE The purpose of this study was to assess the progression of noncavitated initial proximal carious lesions in primary teeth, infiltrated with low viscosity resins, both with and without an overlying layer of chlorhexidine varnish. METHODS Forty-five children, with at least two white spot lesions on the proximal surfaces of primary molars, were(More)
Taurodontism is a rare dental anomaly in which there is an enlarged pulp chamber at the expense of roots with apical displacement of the pulpal floor, giving it a rectangular shape. It is caused by the failure of Hertwig's epithelial root sheath to invaginate at the proper horizontal level. Taurodontism has been reported as an intraoral feature of several(More)
Primary failure of eruption (PFE) is a rare eruption anomaly, incorporating two independent conditions-primary retention and secondary retention. Primary retention is a localised cessation of eruption before gingival emergence without any identifiable cause. Secondary retention is a localised cessation of eruption after gingival emergence with no(More)
OBJECTIVE The present study was designed to evaluate the in vitro as well as in vivo cariostatic efficacy of aqueous and ethanolic extracts of liquorice and assess their acceptability among child patients. MATERIALS AND METHODS Minimum bactericidal concentrations of aqueous and ethanolic extracts of liquorice against mutans streptococci were evaluated and(More)
BACKGROUND The nuclear lamina is a key determinant of nuclear architecture, integrity and functionality in metazoan nuclei. Mutations in the human lamin A gene lead to highly debilitating genetic diseases termed as laminopathies. Expression of lamin A mutations or reduction in levels of endogenous A-type lamins leads to nuclear defects such as abnormal(More)
Nosocomial infections in critically ill/ventilated patients result from bacterial load in oropharyngeal regions. Oral decontamination serves as the easiest effective means of controlling infections. Knowledge, attitude, and practices followed by healthcare personnel in intensive care settings need to be assessed to implement concrete measures in(More)
AIM Correlation-statistical methods are widely used for prediction of size of unerupted permanent canines and premolars in mixed dentition space analysis. The present study was planned to evaluate the effect of selecting dental study casts with no intermaxillary tooth-size discrepancy on the accuracy of predicting mesiodistal widths (MDWS) of permanent(More)