Richa Dubey

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The recent interest of mankind on various personal and real time health monitoring system has accelerated the demand for more efficient and advanced biomedical devices. Physiological signals are comparatively weaker in magnitude (few μV to few mV) and also exhibit lower frequencies. Therefore a low power, low input-referred noise analog front end(More)
The development of the large scale multi-electrode neural-recording systems has accelerated the process of brain monitoring. Neural amplifier is the most important development in this field. A fully integrated low-noise tunable neural amplifier is presented in this paper. The proposed neural amplifier not only provides low signal distortion and high output(More)
High rate of power consumption in the digital integrated circuit is the major field of concern in the development of VLSI circuits. Demand of higher speed, multiple operations and smaller process geometry contributes in the leakage power. So today leakage power consumption is the most important source of power dissipation rather than run time power(More)
Intenet is now a day used to communicate and transferred all the information through insecure medium. There are number of malicious users try to hack the information. To keep the information secure various techniques are used. There are two type of cryptographic algorithm used: encryption/decryption algorithm and steganography algorithm. Steganography is(More)
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