Rich Schiek

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1 Abstract We have developed and implemented a method which given a three-dimensional object can infer from topology the two-dimensional masks needed to produce that object with surface micromachining. The masks produced by this design tool can be generic, process independent masks, or if given process constraints, specific for a target process. This design(More)
The Xyce Parallel Circuit Simulator, which has demonstrated scalable circuit simulation on hundreds of processors, heavily leverages the high-performance scientific libraries provided by Trilinos. With the move towards multi-core CPUs and GPU technology, retaining this scal-ability on future parallel architectures will be a challenge. This paper will(More)
Parashar. Local recovery and failure masking for stencil-based applications at extreme scales. Parashar. Exploring failure recovery for stencil-based applications at extreme scales. Stanimire Tomov. Domain decomposition preconditioners for communication-avoiding krylov methods on a hybrid cpu/gpu cluster. [5] Keita Teranishi and Michael A. Heroux. Toward(More)
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