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Albarracin are graciously thanked for invaluable discussions and comments on earlier drafts.-3-Two studies examine the identity salience construct in a judgment formation context. Study one manipulates identity salience by heightening the self-importance of a consumer social identity; resulting in systematic changes in purchase intent of an identity(More)
This article presents an integrative framework that conceptualizes how consumers come to socially identify with specific groups, products, and brands, and how and when these social identifications influence reactions to marketing stimuli. Drawing upon self-concept, functional attitude theory, social cognition and social identity research, a framework is(More)
A patient presenting in the first year of life with feeding difficulties and failure to grow had variable but persistent lactic acidemia noted at age 20 months. Nonspecific nutritional and biochemical therapy was accompanied by improvement in general clinical status, growth, gait, and development. However, she died in a catastrophic illness at the end of(More)
Lau Basin cruise 2 located three new vent fi elds and shared discovery of a fourth fi eld with a Japanese science team in September 2004. PI C. Langmuir deployed ABE, the Autonomous Benthic Explorer, in an innovative three-phased approach from 300 m, 50 m, and 5 to 10 m above bottom to survey water column properties, produce high-resolution bathymetry, and(More)
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