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Speech recognition can be a powerful tool for use in human-computer interaction. Many researchers are investigating the use of speech recognition systems for dictation-based activities, resulting in dramatic improvements in recent years. However, this same experimentation has confirmed that recognition errors and the delays inherent with speech recognition(More)
Large scale photovoltaic energy conversion systems are currently stepping into the multi-megawatt range. Therefore high power multilevel converters are becoming an attractive alternative for this application. In this work, the two-level voltage source converter based multistring topology concept is extended and explored for the three-level neutral point(More)
Mobile information technologies are theoretically well-suited to digitally accomodate informal note-taking, with the notes often recorded quickly and under less than ideal circumstances. Unfortunately, user adoption of mobile support for informal note-taking has been hindered in large part by slow text entry techniques. Building on research confirming(More)
Rapid changes in integrated circuits (IC) technology and constantly shrinking process geometries demand a new curriculum that meets the contemporary requirements for IC design. This is especially important for 90nm and below technologies and the use of state-of-the-art EDA design tools and advanced IC design techniques. The creation of new curriculum is(More)
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