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The linear pentadecapeptide antibiotic, gramicidin D, a heterogeneous mixture of six components, is a naturally occurring product of Bacillus brevis known to form ion channels in synthetic and natural membranes. The conformation of gramicidin A in the solid state, in organic solvents, and in planar lipid bilayers and the relationship between the composition(More)
The linear pentadecapeptide antibiotic gramicidin D is a heterogeneous mixture of six components. Precise refinements of three-dimensional structures of naturally occurring gramicidin D in crystals obtained from methanol, ethanol, and n-propanol demonstrate the unexpected presence of stable left-handed antiparallel double-helical heterodimers that vary with(More)
The performance of a recirculating ventilation system with dust filtration was evaluated to determine its effectiveness to improve the air quality in a swine farrowing room of a concentrated animal feeding operation (CAFO). Air was exhausted from the room (0.47 m(3) sec(-1); 1000 cfm), treated with a filtration unit (Shaker-Dust Collector), and returned to(More)
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