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This study investigated the relative importance of perceptual and motor factors in the imitation of simple temporal patterns. Previous research in which subjects tap out interval sequences using one finger has suggested that perceptual factors play an important role in response timing. Studies of bimanual tapping, in contrast, stress the importance of motor(More)
Part of Special Issue " Landslide and flood hazards assessment " Abstract. Although various methods to carry out quantitative landslide risk analyses are available, applications are still rare and mostly dependent on the occurrence of disasters. In Iceland, two catastrophic snow avalanches killed 34 people in 1995. As a consequence the Ministry of the(More)
The objective of this working paper is to evaluate the minimum spawning stock biomass of Georges Bank yellowtail flounder based on an analysis of different factors contributing the catchability of the NEFSC trawl survey. This catchability analysis is then applied to a suite of other stocks that are assessed using NEFSC trawl survey data. The catchability of(More)
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