Riccardo Viviani

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This study investigated the composition of diarrhoetic shellfish toxins in the hepatopancreas of mussels from the northern Adriatic Sea. The major toxins were shown to be yessotoxin, identified by its chromatographic properties and spectral data, and okadaic acid, detected both by fluorometric high-performance liquid chromatography and by comparison of its(More)
  • R Viviani
  • The Science of the total environment
  • 1992
Eutrophication phenomena in marine coastal waters can today be explained on the basis of natural or anthropogenic causes. Undesirable effects and also sanitary problems in both types of eutrophication are often produced, but they may differ greatly in frequency and significance. Some algal biotoxins can affect both marine animals and man, whilst others(More)
The diarrhetic shellfish toxin composition in the hepatopancreas of mussels from the northern Adriatic sea was investigated. The major toxins were shown to be yessotoxin (YTX), homoyessotoxin (homoYTX) and 45-hydroxyyessotoxin (45-OHYTX), identified by comparison of their chromatographic and spectral properties with those reported in the literature.
We investigated the effect of sex hormones on the sex-dependent response of rat kidney ornithine decarboxylase (ODC) activity to cadmium (Cd) administration and the involvement of the renin-angiotensin system in mediating stimulation of the liver enzyme by the metal. The response of renal ODC to Cd, which occurs in intact adult males but not in females, is(More)
The contamination of shellfish with marine biotoxins derived from microalgae represents a serious problem for shellfish industries and public health. This study investigated the composition of diarrhetic shellfish toxins in the digestive glands of mussels from the Northern Adriatic Sea. Along with known yessotoxins, identified by comparison of their(More)
The fatty acid composition of total lipids, neutral fat, and phospholipids in liver of rats fed low protein rice diets deficient in and supplemented with lysine and threonine has been studied to extend the knowledge of the chemical composition of portal fatty liver. More linoleic acid and less 20 : 4, 20 : 5, and 22 : 6 in percentage of fatty acids was(More)
The aggregation between lectins and lymphocyte surface receptors can be affected strongly by a low-level electric field induced in the cell suspension by a time-varying magnetic field. One of the possible mechanisms is the microelectrophoretic effect due to the electric field, which influences the distance (in the mean square sense) between charged ligands(More)
Static automated image analysis was applied to study early variations of chromatin structure in Feulgen-stained liver nuclei from rats injected i.p. with a single dose of dimethylnitrosamine (DMNA), a well known hepatocarcinogen. An increase of nuclear area and a correspondent decrease of average optical density (integrated optical density/area) was(More)