Riccardo Solmi

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The Whole Platform is a technology for engineering the production of software. We think that programming is an activity concerning the development of languages; so, we provide an environment for developing new languages and tools in a much easier way than now. Most languages are designed as if their feature set will never change. Adding a simple feature to(More)
Language workbenches are tools that provide high-level mechanisms for the implementation of (domain-specific) languages. Language workbenches are an active area of research that also receives many contributions from industry. To compare and discuss existing language workbenches, the annual Language Workbench Challenge was launched in 2011. Each year,(More)
Mathematical expressions are pieces of structured information that could benefit from direct-manipulation approaches for document authoring. Yet, not only there is disagreement on the behaviors of authoring tools, but also these behaviors are often ill-designed and poorly implemented. This situation leads to dissatisfaction amid users who prefer more(More)
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