Riccardo Sarti

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The lighting conditions, luminance, contrast, and design of the workplace were studied in video display terminal (VDT) work stations operated by a group of female VDT data-acquisition clerks. VDT-induced symptoms were assessed by means of subject answers to a questionnaire. To measure VDT-induced ocular fatigue objectively, refraction power was determined(More)
A specific liquid chromatographic (HPLC) procedure is presented for the analysis of nandrolone esters (phenylpropionate, decanoate and undecanoate) in commercial oily injections. The analysis was carried out under isocratic, reversed-phase (RP8 column) conditions using a UV detector (240 nm). The system discriminates between nandrolone alcohol, a potential(More)
In medical radiography, a large area of the human body sometimes needs to be investigated by means of X-ray examinations, for example, the lower spine. With computed radiography (CR) cassettes, due to their large surface area, it is possible to make this type of investigation with a single exposure and use of a single cassette. With flat-panel digital(More)
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