Riccardo Rotondo

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The motivation of this work fits with the general vision to enable e-health for European citizens, irrespective of their social and financial status and their place of residence. Services to be provided include access to a high-quality early diagnostic and prognostic service for the Alzheimer Disease and other forms of dementia, based both on the European(More)
In this paper we present the architecture of a framework for building Science Gateways supporting official standards both for user authentication and authorization and for middleware-independent job and data management. Two use cases of the customization of the Science Gateway framework for Semantic-Web-based life science applications are also described.
Nowadays, e-Science uses sophisticated high level tools that allow scientists separated by long distances and belonging to different administrative domains to work on the same project. Among them, Science Gateways and general purpose Grid Portals are becoming very popular. The first ones are generally customized for a given Virtual Research Community (VRC)(More)
Science Gateways are playing an important role in scientific research performed using e-Infrastructures and their relevance will further increase with the development of more sophisticated user interfaces and easier access mechanism. Through the highly collaborative environment of a Science Gateway, users spread around the world and belonging to various(More)
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