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Energy production from renewable energy sources is continuously varying, for this reason energy storage is becoming more and more important as the percentage of green energy increases. Newly developed fuel cells can operate in reverse mode as electrolyzer cells; therefore, they are becoming an attractive technology for energy storage grid-tie applications.(More)
In power electronics there is a general trend to increase converters efficiencies and power densities; for this reason new power semiconductors based on materials such as Silicon Carbide (SiC) and Gallium Nitride (GaN) are becoming more popular. This is especially valid for renewable energies applications where the generated energy has a higher cost than(More)
In this paper an analysis of two planar transformers designed for high-current switching applications is presented. Typical converter application is represented by fuel and electrolyser cell converters. The transformer designs are based on E+I and ER+I planar cores while the analysis focuses on winding resistance and leakage inductances which represent the(More)
Renewable energy sources are fluctuating depending on the availability of the energy source. For this reason, energy storage is becoming more important and bidirectional fuel cells represent an attractive technology. Fuel cells require highcurrent low-voltage dc-dc or dc-ac converters as power interface to the grid. In power electronics, the converter(More)
Due to the high energy consumption in data and telco centers, the use of 380V or 400V DC facility-level distribution has been proposed as an alternative to the conventional AC distribution for a more efficient power delivery structure. The DC voltage is powered from the three-phase mains by a PFC rectifier and in many cases a mains transformer is used to(More)
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