Riccardo Mazzitelli

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A multicenter, open labelled, randomized study was carried out to compare the prophylactic efficacy of Cefepime and Ceftriaxone in patients undergoing biliary tract surgery. Two hundred and nine patients were included in the study and randomized to receive preoperative infusion of 2 g Cefepime (n=107) or 2 g Ceftriaxone (n=102) both in a single i.v.(More)
BACKGROUND Granular cell tumors (GCTs) were firstly described by Weber in 1854 and 70 years later by Abrikossoff and classified as benign tumors. Originally considered muscle tumors, they have been identified as neural lesions, due to their close association with nerve and to their immunohystochemical characteristics. GCTs are uncommon tumors and they may(More)
Renal ultrasound was evaluated as a screening procedure for urological conditions (hydronephrosis or space-occupying lesions) in 175 patients (316 kidneys) with renal failure. The final diagnosis of renal disease was based on excretory urography, ascending or translumbar pyelography, open surgical findings, clinical and laboratory test results or renal(More)
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