Riccardo Massini

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The bioptical morphometric and ultrastructural study of sural nerve in a 17-year-old boy with ataxia-telangiectasia (AT) is reported. Our findings include a loss of fibers, particularly of large ones, axonal degenerative changes, Schwann cell inclusions of various type, and rare signs of primary demyelination. Teased-fiber study showed paranodal myelin(More)
In 19 median and 10 ulnar nerves of 28 healthy young volunteers, the maximum orthodromic sensory conduction velocity was studied along one or two fingers (the third and/or the fifth), the palm, and the forearm. In five 20 to 32-yr-old males and in a newborn male, post-mortem samples of either the median or the ulnar nerve were obtained from the finger(More)
We studied orthodromic sensory conduction velocity along the distal and proximal segments of the median and ulnar nerves by tactile stimulation of the distal phalanx of the 3rd and 5th digits in 44 healthy subjects divided into 2 age groups: from 16 to 35 years and from 63 to 81 years. In the same nerves, we used selective electrical stimulation of the(More)
We compared the characteristics of near-nerve recorded sensory potentials elicited in response to electrical stimulation of digital nerves versus tactile stimulation of the digital skin in 17 healthy subjects with a mean age of 26 years. We also calculated the density of Meissner's corpuscles in the distal and proximal phalanx of digit III of 6 males who(More)
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