Riccardo Manconi

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S-100 protein is a heterogeneous fraction of dimeric polypeptides (alpha and beta subunits) that can exist in different combination forms within the various tissues. Concerning the S-100 protein immunodetection within lymphoid tissue, the heterogeneity of the S-100 antigen, the tissue quality (frozen or paraffin-embedded after treatment with different(More)
Immunoreactivity for S-100 protein was investigated immunohistochemically in a series of 49 fixed and paraffin-embedded normal, reactive, and neoplastic human lymphoid tissue specimens. The avidin-biotin complex immunoperoxidase method was used, with overnight (12-hour) incubation with a commercially available antiserum to S-100 protein. In addition,(More)
In 1,405 patients who died at the General Hospital of Trieste in 1974 and 1978, malignant neoplasm was revealed at autopsy. Clinical diagnosis was accurate in 54 per cent of these patients. The tumor was clinically suspected in 19 per cent and was undiagnosed in 27 per cent. The accuracy of the clinical diagnoses varied significantly according to the(More)
A comparative immunohistologic study of the cell density and distribution pattern of follicular dendritic reticulum cells (DRCs) within their follicular microenvironments (germinal centers and mantle zones) was performed by immunoperoxidase technique with a selected panel of antibodies either operationally specific for DRCs (DRC-1) or reported as having(More)
Primary paraganglioma of the thyroid is a very rare neuroendocrine tumour. Only 24 cases have been reported in the Literature. A case of a primary paraganglioma of the thyroid is presented in order to provide a review of the Literature, an update on current knowledge and to emphasize the key diagnostic role of immunohistochemistry. A 63-year-old female(More)
We studied the effect of conditioned medium (CM) obtained from cultures of oestrogen-receptor positive breast cancer MCF7 cell line on the differentiation, proliferation and apoptosis patterns of cultured breast fibroblasts from normal interstitial and malignant stromal tissue. Fibroblasts were grown in the presence or absence of CM and examined for the(More)
The pathologic and clinical findings of 50 patients aged 65 or older (median, 71.5 years) with non-Hodgkin's lymphomas (NHL) are reported. These patients formed 27% of all cases of NHL seen in a single institution over a 7-year period. Forty patients presented with nodal and 10 with extranodal NHL. According to the Ann Arbor system, 20 were clinical and/or(More)
We studied the time course of respiratory and cardiovascular responses by evaluating changes in the breathing pattern, mean blood pressure (MBP), and heart rate elicited by 3 min of static handgrip at 15, 25, and 30% of the maximum voluntary contraction (MVC) in 15 healthy volunteers. Muscle tension and integrated electromyographic activity remained fairly(More)
4 cases of massive hepatic amyloidosis are reported with special reference to their clinical profiles and histologic features. On the basis of these data, two different clinical and histologic courses of the disease can be distinguished. 2 patients showed marked hepatomegaly without cholestasis, whereas in the other 2 the clinical picture was characterized(More)
A comparative analysis of the differentiation pattern, the proliferative behaviour, and the level of apoptosis between human benign and malignant neoplasms of smooth-muscle (SM) tissue is lacking. The clinical, histopathological, immunochemical, and immunocytochemical features of leiomyomas (LM) and leiomyosarcomas (LMS) were investigated by a panel of(More)