Riccardo Gallotti

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—The future Information Communication Technologies will allow the collection of a large amount of data on individual mobility. The data analysis will not only provide information on the human mobility peculiarities, but will also open new possibilities for studying the criticalities of a complex system. In Italy a sample of 2% of the vehicle population is(More)
Understanding human mobility from a microscopic point of view may represent a fundamental breakthrough for the development of a statistical physics for cognitive systems and it can shed light on the applicability of macroscopic statistical laws for social systems. Even if the complexity of individual behaviors prevents a true microscopic approach, the(More)
Cities and their transportation systems become increasingly complex and mul-timodal as they grow, and it is natural to wonder if it is possible to quantitatively characterize our difficulty to navigate in them and whether such navigation exceeds our cognitive limits. A transition between different searching strategies for navigating in metropolitan maps has(More)
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