Riccardo Dondi

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The investigation of genetic differences among humans has given evidence that mutations in DNA sequences are responsible for some genetic diseases. The most common mutation is the one that involves only a single nucleotide of the DNA sequence, which is called a single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP). As a consequence, computing a complete map of all SNPs(More)
Most of the available knowledge management systems pay little attention to two important aspects: the need of supporting emerging communities of interest together with the official organizational structure; and the need of cluing together knowledge associated with any kind of involved entity including people, communities, and informal knowledge. The MILK(More)
Searching for motifs in graphs has become a crucial problem in the analysis of biological networks. In the context of metabolic network analysis, Lacroix et al [V. Lacroix, C.G. Fernandes and M.-F. Sagot, IEEE/ACM Transactions on Computational Biology and Bioinformatics, 3 (2006), no. 4, 360368 ] introduced the NP-hard general problem of finding occurrences(More)
The Consensus Clustering problem has been introduced as an effective way to analyze the results of different microarray experiments [5, 6]. The problem consists of looking for a partition that best summarizes a set of input partitions (each corresponding to a different microarray experiment) under a simple and intuitive cost function. The problem admits(More)
In the context of metabolic network analysis, Lacroix et al. 11 introduced the problem of finding occurrences of motifs in vertex-colored graphs, where a motif is a multiset of colors and an occurrence of a motif is a subset of connected vertices which are colored by all colors of the motif. We consider in this paper the above-mentioned problem in one of(More)
Searching for motifs in graphs has become a crucial problem in the analysis of biological networks. In this context, different graph motif problems have been considered [12, 6, 4]. Pursuing a line of research pioneered by Lacroix et al. [12], we introduce in this paper a new graph motif problem: given a vertex colored graph G and a motif M, where a motif is(More)
One of the emerging topics in the analysis of biological networks is the inference of motifs inside a network. In the context of metabolic network analysis, a recent approach introduced in [14], represents the network as a vertex-colored graph, while a motif M is represented as a multiset of colors. An occurrence of a motif M in a vertexcolored graph G is a(More)
The Correlation Clustering problem has been introduced recently [N. Bansal, A. Blum, S. Chawla, Correlation Clustering, in: Proc. 43rd Symp. Foundations of Computer Science, FOCS, 2002, pp. 238–247] as a model for clustering data when a binary relationship between data points is known. More precisely, for each pair of points we have two scores measuring the(More)
The problem of publishing personal data without giving up privacy is becoming increasingly important. A clean formalization that has been recently proposed is the k-anonymity, where the rows of a table are partitioned in clusters of size at least k and all rows in a cluster become the same tuple, after the suppression of some entries. The natural(More)