Riccardo D’Ambrosi

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Rotator cuff injuries are a common source of shoulder pathology and result in an important decrease in quality of patient life. Given the frequency of these injuries, as well as the relatively poor result of surgical intervention, it is not surprising that new and innovative strategies like tissue engineering have become more appealing. Tissue-engineering(More)
PURPOSE Deformities of the forearm and shortening of the ulna occur in 30 % of patients with hereditary multiple exostoses (HME), leading to radial head dislocation and loss of movement. Several surgical techniques have been described for treatment, and the aim of our study was to present clinical and radiographic results at skeletal maturity in 15 children(More)
This case presents the challenges of the surgical management for a patient with a history of recurrent posterior shoulder instability and subsequently traumatic anterior dislocation. The patient was already on the waiting list for an arthroscopic posterior stabilization with anchors, when a car accident caused an additional anterior shoulder dislocation.(More)
An elongation or partial articular-sided tear of the radial lateral collateral ligament (R-LCL) is a rare injury causing disability and instability of the elbow. In our experience this condition is often associated with a pathologic sign of the annular ligament named the "annular drive through" caused by a redundancy of the ligament. The benefits of(More)
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