Riccardo Chiumeo

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The concept of the system robustness against voltage dips is firstly analysed evidencing the main parameters it depends on. Then, the link between short circuit power and robustness is dealt with using also some numerical results obtained on a medium voltage distribution test system. Finally some considerations are offered with the aim to contribute for(More)
Nowadays the need for more flexible electric systems, the changing in the regulatory and economic scenarios, the importance of harnessing energy savings and minimising environmental impact have been providing the impetus for the development of a new distribution system into which embedded generation with wind farms is predicted to play a key role. While(More)
The paper presents three different approaches for the control of grid connected inverters for Permanent Magnet Wind Generators. Their performances in facing grid unbalances are compared through digital simulations. For each control scheme, three alternative Fault Ride Through (FRT) strategies are considered and tested. From simulations, it emerges that, in(More)
Local control of Distributed Energy Resources (DER) in microgrids usually relies on droop algorithm in order to ensure stability to the system in islanded operation. Conventional and reverse droop control are applied respectively to Voltage Control Mode (VCM) inverters and to Current Control Mode inverters (CCM). In low-voltage microgrid, traditional(More)
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