Riccardo Cantoro

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Due to the increasing usage of embedded instruments in many electronic devices, new solutions to effectively access these instruments appeared, including the new IEEE 1687 standard. The approach supported by IEEE 1687 allows a flexible access to embedded instruments through the Boundary Scan interface. The IEEE 1687 network includes a set of reconfigurable(More)
Software-based self-test (SBST) techniques are used to test processors against permanent faults introduced by the manufacturing process (often as a complementary approach with respect to DfT) or to perform in-field test in safety-critical applications. A major obstacle to their adoption is the high cost for developing effective test programs, since there is(More)
Self-Test strategies for testing embedded processors are increasingly diffused. In this paper, we describe a set of selftest techniques tackling dual issue embedded processors. The paper details how to produce test programs suitable to detect stuck-at faults in computational modules belonging to dual issue processors. The proposed technique is aimed at(More)
The growing usage of electronic systems in safety-critical applications requires effective solutions to early identify possible faults affecting the hardware while it is in the operational phase. A possible approach leverages functional programs to be run by the CPU typically existing in such systems. These programs must exercise the different parts of the(More)