Riccardo Cambini

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We consider the capacitated minimum cost flow problem on directed hypergraphs. We define spanning hypertrees so generalizing the spanning tree of a standard graph, and show that, like in the standard and in the generalized minimum cost flow problems, a correspondence exists between bases and spanning hypertrees. Then, we show that, like for the network(More)
Quadratic fractional functions are proved to be quasilinear if and only if they are pseudolinear. For these classes of functions, some characterizations are provided by means of the inertia of the quadratic form and the behavior of the gradient of the function itself. The study is then developed showing that generalized linear quadratic fractional functions(More)
Directed hypergraphs have been introduced quite recently in connection with different application areas, such as propositional satisfiability, deductive data bases and Leontief substitution systems. In [Jeroslow, Martin, Rardin&Wang, 1989], the uncapacitated min-cost flow problem on hypergraphs is considered, and its properties are studied. Here we address(More)
The present study analyses the dynamics of a nonlinear Cournot duopoly with managerial delegation and bounded rational players. Problems concerning strategic delegation (based on relative performance evaluations) have recently received in depth attention in both the theoretical and empirical industrial economics literatures. In this paper, we take a dynamic(More)
The nonconvex problem of minimizing the product of a strictly convex quadratic function and the p-th power of a linear function over a convex polyhedron is considered. Some theoretical properties of the problem, such as the existence of minimum points and the generalized convexity of the objective function, are deepened on and a finite algorithm which(More)
In this paper a hierarchical workforce model is studied from both a theoretical and an algorithmic point of view. In the considered model workforce units can be substituted by higher qualified ones; external workforce can also be hired to cover low qualified jobs. An exact solution algorithm is proposed to solve the problems and its efficiency is improved(More)