Riccardo Caccavale

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In 83 patients with acute pancreatitis, the initial computed tomographic (CT) examinations were classified by degree of disease severity (grades A-E) and were correlated with the clinical follow-up, objective prognostic signs, and complications and death. The length of hospitalization correlated well with the severity of the initial CT findings. Abscesses(More)
Pancreatic abscess has become the most common cause of death from acute pancreatitis. Since computed tomography (CT) permits noninvasive imaging of the peripancreatic anatomy, the relationship of early CT findings to late pancreatic sepsis has been evaluated in 83 patients with acute pancreatitis. Pancreatic abscesses developed in 18 patients and were(More)
Flexible execution of structured tasks is a relevant issue in cognitive robotics and human-robot interaction. In this work, we address this problem presenting a framework that integrates planning and attentional regulations for flexible and interactive execution of human-robot cooperative tasks. In the proposed approach, attentional top-down and bottom-up(More)
A robotic system that interacts with humans is expected to flexibly execute structured cooperative tasks while reacting to unexpected events and behaviors. In this paper, we face these issues presenting a framework that integrates cognitive control, executive attention, and hierarchical plan execution. In the proposed approach, the execution of structured(More)
We propose a framework where the human-robot interaction is modeled as a multimodal dialogue which is regulated by an attentional system that guides the system towards the execution of structured tasks. We introduce a simple case study to illustrate the system at work in different conditions considering top-down regulations and dialogue flows in synergic(More)
Buildings worldwide account for nearly 40% of global energy consumption. The biggest energy consumer in buildings is the Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) systems. HVAC systems are also plagued by faults, and ranked top in terms of number of complaints by tenants. Maintaining HVAC systems in good conditions through early fault detection is(More)
We present an integrated framework that permits implicit task learning and kinesthetic teaching during the execution of robotic tasks in cooperation with humans. The proposed system combines physical human-robot interaction, attentional supervision, multimodal interaction to support robot teaching and incremental task learning. We describe the overall(More)