Riccardo Bianchi

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BACKGROUND The recent geographical expansion of phlebotomine vectors of Leishmania infantum in the Mediterranean subregion has been attributed to ongoing climate changes. At these latitudes, the activity of sand flies is typically seasonal; because seasonal phenomena are also sensitive to general variations in climate, current phenological data sets can(More)
Several viruses have been recently isolated from Mediterranean phlebotomine sand flies; some are known to cause human disease while some are new to science. To monitor the Phlebotomus-borne viruses spreading, field studies are in progress using different sand fly collection and storage methods. Two main sampling techniques consist of CDC light traps, an(More)
The Maha Fluid Power Research Center celebrated its 10 th anniversary on October 1 st trough 3 rd. The guest list included colleagues and friends, Maha alumni, past visiting researchers and industrial partners. The celebration included a comprehensive lab tour and presentation of current research activities. One of the highlights was a machine demonstration(More)
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